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Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover in San Francisco

I’m a HUGE fan of Anthony Bourdain. Sometimes I think we’re kindred food and travel-loving spirits. And he isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. His No Reservations show on the Travel Channel is one of my favorite things to watch.

So on Monday night, my boyfriend and I were channel surfing and stumbled upon Tony’s newest show (I’m calling Anthony Bourdain “Tony” like I know the guy), The Layover. The show’s premise is Tony’s a big traveler and more often than not, spends a lot of his time laid over in airports. So instead of sitting at the airport hotel, he sets out to explore each city in the short amount of time (only 24-48 hours) he has there. And Tony’s stop this episode: San Francisco!

The episode is awesome — watching Tony explore the city like a local with some of his San Francisco friends (and fellow chefs) Roland Passot, Chris Cosentino, and Danny Bowien.  It’s also so fun to see Tony go out for a night of bar hopping and to see him get a little tipsy too — reminds me of many nights I’ve had in the city.

On the show, Tony visits some of my favorite spots in San Francisco like:

To get a recap of the episode, check out this great article on Eater SF. You can also see videos and pictures on The Layover‘s webpage.


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